Most IT departments are organized around technology silos. Therefore, that is typically how management solutions and tools are purchased - to support the silo. This implies that, for the most part, little attention or visibility is given to any other silo. Management techniques are moving from the element (silo) approach to an enterprise approach. This shift not only affects the tools that are acquired, but the people who are using them and the processes that are in place to support the enterprise and the tools themselves.

NDC provides the latest end-to-end management capabilities of services via their AshureNetTM Services Management Solution.This solution can map all of the services you are providing to your customers down to the application layer. A service management view of the network components provides more detailed and specific information about the root cause from an end-to-end prospective. NDC will work with you during the assessment process to determine the most important services you are providing and instrument them to assure availability and performance.


As with all of our solutions, we begin with a needs analysis in order to understand what you have, what you are using, your existing processes, and what your goals are. From there, project plans and statements of work are created to insure that NDC meets your expectation. We conclude with a on-site training for your staff allowing them to be effective in their new management roles from the onset.

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