AshureNettm Desktop Management Solution

The benefits of the total cost of ownership of desktops are clear and increase in distributed computing environments that cover wide geographical areas. Cost savings in areas such as; reduced travel time, improved employee productivity, reduction in lost information, application standardization and license management. mount up quickly. A payback analysis can be performed on your network that will help to quickly justify any investment that needs to be made.


Beyond the improved financial implications, there is the peace of mind that knowing the inevitable problem can be foreseen and a resolution is in place.


The AshureNettm Desktop Management solution includes the installation of a Desktop Management Windows NT server that will be completely loaded with the appropriate desktop management software. NDC will work with you to deploy the required agents on each of the managed workstations. NDC will configure the server for each of the functions above; including where applicable the groups, time interval, peripherals, license count, etc.. When NDC is finished, our customers have complete control of their workstation desktops and the knowledge to maintain that control.


NDC will also be available to provide remote assistance to those customers that have elected to purchase the annual support contract. This service can help expand the capabilities of the existing services, improve the learning curve of new employees, and augment the performance of staff personnel.


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