AshureNettm Diagnostics Services :

The first question you need to ask yourself is: "am I ready to manage or troubleshoot?" Too often management solutions are purchased and installed in hopes that a problem will be identified and subsequently resolved. Rarely does this happen. If intermittent performance issues, response time degradation or any other anomaly plagues you, focus on troubleshooting and resolving your specific issues before worrying about managing your infrastructure. NDC's core competency is problem isolation and resolution. We utilize the latest state of the art test equipment to drill down the exact cause of the irritation. We can interface with your various vendors, subcontractors, and service providers to insure that proper ownership of the problem has been taken and that your desired end result is achieved. Depending upon the tools you already have in place, often times we can troubleshoot your problems remotely and thus save you expensive travel costs.

AshureNettm On-Call Network Diagnostic Service
AshureNettm Remote Monitoring

AshureNettm Infrastructure Management :

Once the network has been 'stabilized' you can confidently move forward with the implementation of your infrastructure management platform. NDC has solutions to meet every customer size and budgetary needs. Our flagship solution addresses the traditional management of the infrastructure including alarm correlation, as well as environmental issues such as humidity, water, temperature, power, and more. There is an added security factor provided by the built in camera. We have add-on products to address mapping, paging, and diagnostic tools to round out your infrastructure toolset. This phase will also deal with the integration of vendor specific management applications such as CiscoWorks, Optivity, Insight Manager, etc…).

Our AshureNettm solution includes installation, integration of tools, and on-site training to enable usage of the tools immediately. We will work with your staff to integrate the product into your daily operations to help insure its on-going use thereby improving ROI.

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