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Technology Overview:

  • Web-based application
  • Remotely monitors public and private IP without security re-configuration
  • Agent-based technology with N-tier architecture
  • Monitors TCP services, hardware metrics, generic logs
  • XML-based communication
  • Hierarchical views by location and/or device
  • Notification by email/pager
  • Security conscious design
  • Escalation management rules
  • Performance reporting for business and technical users

24x7 network monitoring provides peace of mind through proactive support

An IT Partner not Provider:

Small and medium businesses are continuing to scrutinize IT budgets. Service quality demands are at an all-time high and the Internet has revolutionized how organizations operate, which makes the “old-world” IT service delivery models ineffective. Our managed services program addresses your business pain, by:

  • Monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications
  • Remotely diagnose problems before they occur
  • Capacity planning reports for informed IT purchasing and budget decisions
  • Insight into re-engineering service level agreements (SLA) more efficiently
  • Strong service management methodology through the ITSM standards of ITIL.
  • Minimize network downtime that causes lost productivity
  • Our team of experienced IT professionals that are on call 24 hours a day.

“Technology is the #1 budget item after HR, yet it is the least understood. Our focus and expertise is enabling businesses to reduce the maintenance costs and increase the service quality and reliability of their IT infrastructure.”

A Network Optimization Center

Network optimization not just operations!

Monitor: Monitoring of your network infrastructure has become as important and business critical as monitoring the security of the assets on your premises. Both should be outsourced to an expert.

Manage: Our MSP model delivers IT services on a 24x7 proactive basis. The result: the customer pays monthly for IT service and support they need based on agreed upon business expectations.

Optimize: "In 2003, the mantra for closing sales will be ‘optimization.’ Solution providers that help customers do more with the same equipment, and in some cases less, will win the deals. The gating factor to emerging technology in this stubborn economy remains limited IT budgets. That is why it is important to show clients how to save money by consolidating servers or storage, re-engineering procurement, deploying a new management infrastructure and the like, solution providers say."
- 5 Trends to Watch, Computer Reseller News, January, 2003