Years ago, NDC discovered that it did not matter which tool you purchased or how well it was implemented. What really matters, to insure your return on investment, is how well the tool is integrated into your daily operational processes. Yes, the right tool is important, but without a focus on the people who are going to use the tools and the processes that in place to take advantage of the power of the tools, your expected return will not be realized. To understand this more clearly, the following provides a look at an optimal process flow that is critical to the success of any management tool implementation.

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So Where Do You Start?

NDC's experience of sharing this model with clients has repeatedly confirmed its validity, and following initial presentations of the model one of the most common questions is: "Where do we start?" Herein lies one of the most powerful aspects of the model, for the model has neither a beginning nor an end. In other words, you can start using the model from any point, but most IT organizations choose to typically start where their company is hurting the most. This is typically the ability to move from the reactive Incident Management to the proactive Problem Management capabilities.
For more information on NDC's methodology, download our white papers entitled An Overview of the AshureNettm Methodology and AshureNettm Service Network Management Process (ASNMP).