AshureNetTM Network Audit

The AshureNetTM Network Assessment is an examination of current network activity and operations. It is the first step to attaining true proactive management and maximizing the return on investment made in information systems. A 24-hour test determines the general performance characteristics of the network and identifies issues that are impacting the network. The test establishes current network architecture and load, protocol distribution, network capacity and potential bottlenecks, both current and future.

The goals of the network performance analysis are to determine and document the current state of network operations, uncover anomalies impacting operations, and develop options for improved performance. The AshureNetTM Network Audit Report contains graphs and tables of current network operating parameters including:

  • Network Utilization (how much of network capacity is being used)
  • Active Node List (identifies stations observed on the network)
  • Protocol Traffic Profile and Distribution
  • Top Talkers (which nodes use the network most)
  • MAC Level Station Pairs (Including Latency)
  • Network Layer Station Pairs
  • Errors (Type and Frequency)
  • Relative Frame Distribution

The AshureNettm Network Assessment Report also includes:

  • A summary of observed anomalies impacting network performance
  • A report on events that impact IP and IPX and ICMP operations
  • A list of issues that need to be resolved to increase performance before determining network thresholds
  • Recommendations for immediate and future actions to maximize network performance and reliability.
The Network Assessment Report is not a tool that can be used to identify the exact causes of instabilities. Just as a health check-up may uncover high blood pressure, the exact cause(s) of the high blood pressure must be identified through additional tests that focus on that symptom. To identify and repair network anomalies, additional examination and repairs must be undertaken.