AshureNettm Network Baseline Determination

The AshureNettm Network Baseline Determination is a one-month study of network activity. RMON probes collect information on network operations, performance, and trends for one month to ensure capture of the network peaks and valleys resulting from the business cycle. The Baseline provides a good picture of the network operations when stable and healthy. This picture can be used for comparison to future measurements when network problems arise. The AshureNettm Network Baseline Report contains graphs and tables of network operating parameters and trends including: network utilization, protocol traffic profile and distribution, errors, and frame distribution. Inclusive of:

  • An explanation of the recorded network statistics
  • A discussion of standard statistic thresholds
  • Recommendations for immediate and future actions to maximize network performance and reliability.

The study allows meaningful threshold alarm calibration and direction for setting RMON alerts. Establishment of minimum and maximum performance characteristics allows proactive management and diagnostics of network troubles before they impact network performance. If the network support staff does not have the necessary resources to maintain a pro-active network management platform, Remote Monitoring of their network provides a solution to ensure network stability.