AshureNettm Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Obtain information of network anomalies before they impact network performance. Have expert resource available for aid in problem resolution.
  • Identify problems and take action before they affect operations. Determine capacity and plan changes in anticipation of degradation in performance.
  • Continuously monitor network operation with RMON Probe, respond to alarms by notifying appropriate staff, make required changes, produce monthly incident reports.
  • Timely and appropriate response to network dysfunctions, increased capacity to plan network change and growth. Report includes summary of incidents and direction for future plans.
AshureNettm Remote Monitoring incorporates a remote connection to NDC's Remote Monitoring Center. State-of-the-art equipment monitors best of breed appliances to collect data, determine anomalies and notify appropriate site personnel of potential or impending outage. Incident tracking, incident tracking reports and ongoing baselining are some of the features of this offering.