AshureNettm Application and Response Time Analysis

The AshureNettm Network Application and Response Time Analysis is an examination of current network application activity and their associated characteristics. It is specifically designed to answer the questions of what applications are running over the network, who is running them, and what impact they have on a particular network segment. The test will also provide insight into the overall response time performance of a given application and help isolate the source of unnecessary latency. The 24-hour test establishes current network load, application distribution, network capacity and potential bottlenecks.

The goals of the AshureNettm Network Application and Response Time Analysis are to determine and document the current state of network applications, uncover anomalies impacting operations, and options for improved performance. The report contains graphs and tables of current network operating parameters including:

  • Network application and utilization
  • Where the applications are being used
  • Application traffic profile and distribution
  • Top talkers (which nodes use the network most)
  • Top Three application response time analysis (or customer selected applications)
  • Relative frame distribution
The AshureNettm Application and Response Time Analysis report is not a tool that can be used to identify the exact causes of instabilities. Just as a health check-up may uncover high blood pressure, the exact cause(s) of the high blood pressure must be identified through additional tests that focus on that symptom. To identify and repair network anomalies, additional examination and repairs must be undertaken.