The AshureNettm Network Services

Networks evolve with little to no intelligent planning, causing an environment of instability. The network can "go down" or experience intermittent "outages" or "slow-downs" by simply adding a new component to the network. In fact, networks often "go down" for no obvious reason at all. As a result, network support personnel are forever reacting to network problems and "putting out fires" to restore operations. NDC developed the AshureNettm Network Services solution set to move network support from reactive to proactive management.

The program is a suite of services that includes:
»  AshureNetTM On Call Network Diagnostics
»  AshureNetTM Network Audit
»  AshureNetTM Network Stabilization
»  AshureNetTM Network Baseline Determination
»  AshureNetTM Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
»  AshureNetTM Application and Response Time Analysis