What do Trouble Tracking, Configuration Management and Service Level Management have in common? - Your future! Based upon our extensive diagnostic experience, 95% of all problems stem from a configuration change that was made somewhere on the network. We all agree that configuration management is important, but the process and ability to track changes requires more work than we have time to put toward the solution. Managing configurations changes will reduce problems!

It once was sufficient to have a help desk in place to record tickets so that you could generate reports for our own analysis and for senior management reviewal. Today we are being asked to manage to specific formal and informal objectives, most of which are difficult to quantify.


A service desk that acts proactively is critical to any business with e-services because every disruption to e-commerce is immediately visible to the customer. These disruptions can result in a tremendous loss of revenue and customers to competitors.


NDC's AshureNetTM Service Desk Solution gives enterprises and service providers a unique solution to successfully manage service levels. Integrating the service desk functionality with your enterprise management solution allows you to manage crucial support and service processes to successfully deal with today's complex IT management challenges.


NDC's AshureNetTM Service Desk provides trouble ticketing, configuration management and SLA management. This software is fully integrated with the above tools to provide automatic trouble ticketing and a measurement vehicle to monitor SLA compliance. Monthly availability reports are created to show monthly success.


NDC's AshureNetTM Service Desk Solution includes an in-depth assessment of your needs, users, processes, systems, and goals. This assessment allows the accurate creation of a statement of work and project plans. Your assigned staff will work right along side of the NDC implementation group to create a team environment, allowing NDC to meet your end-user's expectations. As with all other AshureNettm offerings, the Service Desk Solution includes training to your IT staff enabling them to utilize the system effectively and the ability to train and support your end-user population.

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