Virus Detection :

One can argue that virus defense is not part of a security suite. Someone who has never had to fight an infection generally makes that argument. Virus defense has traditionally been a focus at the desktop because it was through the floppy drive that most viruses were introduced. Today, all of that has changed - in fact very few virus infestations are a result of a floppy diskette. The Internet now is the culprit with all sorts of clever attacks. E-mail is now the number one avenue that viruses take to invade your world. Although you still need to have virus scanning on the workstation, you should also install a virus scanner off of your firewall. Let the firewall detect and send packets to your virus scan server and then on to the desktop. In addition, do not forget to protect your servers individually. Servers are where your true corporate IT assets reside. Don't let them be an undefended target.

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