Your web presence has become a very critical part of your business. Obviously if you are conducting e-Business on the Internet, these services affect your bottom line and your customers' impression of how easy it is do business with your company, which is extremely important. What may be not as obvious, is the value of your web presence that is not directly e-commerce oriented. If you have a web presence, it is there for a reason. Whether your web server is in place to support sales, client support, or customer services, your clients will measure your company by the accessibility of your on-line services. There are three solutions that are required to comprise the total evaluation of your web presence.

An excellent place to start is to collect response time performance statistics of the WEB applications via OpenView Internet Services (OVIS) and display this performance data via a web-based presentation.
See url: - LOGIN: NDC PASSWORD: NDC for a live demo of data from our WEB servers. If you would like to have your site monitored for a limited time, please contact us at


The second solution allows the means to break down the individual transactions to provide performance analysis of each critical component in the path of the customer's web experience.

Finally, add to the above the ability to monitor your customers' complete experience by recording where they are going and how they are getting there, inclusive of their exit point from your web environment. This information is critical to your analysis and future web designs.

All three solutions play a critical role in understanding and adjusting the experience your customer faces in order to improve efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities.

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